Picture of Jon JanzenPhoto by Kaitlyn VanWagner

 My name is Jon Janzen. I'm a new grad from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science with minors in Military Studies and Cybersecurity.

Starting in April 2020, I'll be working at Facebook as a Software Engineer in Seattle. I've completed 2 internships at Facebook, an internship at Union Pacific railroad, and I've worked at the GeoInnovation Center at Texas A&M. Generally, I work in the realm of web development and related technologies. I occasionally contribute to open source projects, notably I've assisted in maintaining the plistlib standard library module in Python.

More information about me can be found on my résumé and descriptions of projects I've worked on can be found on the projects page. You can also find me on LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, and the Aggie Network. Please feel free to get in touch with me through any social media platform. I'll respond the same no matter the mode of communication.

My history with programming and computers can be found on my computers page if you're interested. Besides programming, I'm interested in SCUBA diving, video games, and Amateur Radio. I also enjoy ancient history, especially the history of Rome—particularly the Republic, Principate, and Byzantium periods.